Our 3 Stage Production Process

What to expect when you’re expecting your first product.

Step 1

Basic Paperwork

Cannabis Licensing

Get working contracts and sign any Non-Disclosures Agreements. Review License requirements. Review formula and process with lab techs to make sure everything will produce properly.

Gather raw materials needed to produce the product and achieve the desired effects.

Stage 1 Highlights:
  • Licensing Clarity & NDA Agreements
  • Standard Operating Procedure is established
  • Ingredient collection
Step 2

Trial Production Run

First Production

We set up a trial production to verify that we’ve made your product correctly according to the formula and requirements supplied in stage one via your S.O.P. As the client, you assess quality and correctness. Once approved, we evaluate packaging and move into a small batch pilot run.

Stage 2 Highlights:

  • Exam first trial product
  • Refine manufacturing production to perfection
  • Ensure packaging is compliant
Step 3

First Production Run

Consumer-ready product

This is the first production batch that is eligible to enter the legal supply chain and determine unit pricing.

The distributor is legally the party who is able to launch production. Therefore, prior to production, unlicensed brands will need an agreement from a distributor to ensure compliance and legality.

Unfortunately, we’re unable to start production without an official purchase order from a licensed distributor. We know, sorry.

Stage 3 Highlights:

  • Unit Pricing is determined
  • Relationship with the distributor is formed
  • Product can be purchased by consumers

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