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 We provide quality you can literally see.

 Our package ‘window’ means you can see the purity before your purchase. Our concentrates are extracted with our proprietary extractor at sub-zero temperatures.



“Two dabs in and I was toasted. I’m a big fan of their butter style oil, the flavor is off the charts and leaves a very nice stoney high.

I also LOVE their packaging. We smoke out of heady glass, we should at least have some class in the way our oil is distributed! All around I’m a big fan of the company and product. Next time you’re in Cali give them a try! “



The Space Pen

A 100% cannabis vaporizer cartridge.


The Disk

Easy to dose pressed cannabis extract.



Waxes, sugars and butter crumbles.

Quality you can count on

We share our lab numbers with you on every package.

Every batch of Weird Science products has its own ID number and Lab report. This information is displayed on every package on our Concentrate Facts Sticker. We do this to ensure our customers have the most information available to them.

The Space Pen

Purity in a pen

The Space Pen is our 100% cannabis vaporizer cartridge. Our proprietary extraction methods and distillation process mean the Space Pen provides an unmatched rich cannabis flavor.

Our Space Pens are a mix of Indica and Sativa strains custom tailored to give a reliable relaxing and uplifting high. No additives, just pure concentrated awesomeness.

Features & Benefits
  • No PG
  • No VG
  • No Foreign Terpenes
  • Indica and Sativa strain mix
  • Tastes like cannabis

The Disk

Pressed pleasure

Made from only the highest quality Weird Science Concentrates, our Disks are pressed from the best formulas. The uniform thickness of the Disk makes it easy to cut off a strip and take a dab. No more guessing, No more bad tunes.

Features & Benefits
  • Compressed cannabis
  • Highest quality organic cannabis sourcing
  • Accurate dosage control
  • Available in 0.5g and 1g packages


Cannabis concentrates made of the purest of the pure.

Ideal for dabbing, these waxes, butters, and sugar extraction based products provide strain-specific effects and are curated to offer varying experiences. The Weird Science Extraction team uses leading extraction technology to create quality, in demand wax, butter, and sugar.

Features & Benefits
  • Highest Quality Organic Cannabis Sourcing
  • Produced by Weird Science Labs Proprietary Extraction Technology
  • Strain Specific Flavor
  • Available in 0.5g and 1g packages


Cannabis sugar consistency


Easy to dose


Whipped cannabis butter.


The Weird Difference

Proprietary Lab Techniques

We build and design our own extraction equipment to the highest industry standards. Our proprietary light hydrocarbon extraction system extracts cannabinoids and preserves terpenes from the cannabis plant.

Renewable Thinking

We take the knowledge gained from our experience in the renewable energy, and manufacturing industry and incorporate it into our extraction process.

Purity without dilution

We preserve terpene in our distillate to provide cannabis purity with unmatched flavor. Our distillate products are 100% Cannabis, no dilution necessary. No propylene glycol, vegetable oils, or store bought terpenes in our products.

Lab approved concentrates.

Quality by the numbers

We certify, test, and guarantee every product. Every batch of Weird Science products has its own ID number and Lab report. We share these details on every package so consumers know exactly what they are buying and trying.


The Weird Science Team Journey


The Weird Science Team Journey

We have brought together a diverse group of engineers, cultivators, artists, chemists, manufacturers, and operators to collaborate together to produce stellar cannabis concentrates.

Our team was born when a group of renewable energy engineers began to collaborate with cannabis cultivators. The combination of cultivation expertise and engineering knowledge birthed a unique extraction process.

The team then joined with artists to create a stellar brand with novel packaging options and a unique personality.

The last step was taking large scale manufacturing processes and applying them to our production. This union allows us to make beautiful, accessible, high-end concentrates.

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Headquartered: Berkeley, California

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