Service Specialties

We excel at getting your cannabis product idea created, packaged, andready for shelves in the most compliant way possible.


You provide the raw material, we turn it into an amazing consumer product.


You provide the package, we do the packaging and make sure it’s legally legit.


Making the consumer product

We specialize in purifying raw materials into a variety of finished products.

About Our Process

Our extraction methods create highly concentrated substances that excel in purity. We work with your vision and formulation team to produce the perfect cannabis product. Once the product is produced, we offer packaging services right on location.

We take compliance seriously. 

Our distributors always receive fully compliant products. We keep updated on shifting regulations and requirements. Both licensed or unlicensed brands can discover manufacturing options with us that suit their business model.

Examples of Finished Products

• Distillate

• Waxes, Crumbles or Shatters

• Tinctures & Liquids

• Beverages

• Topicals

• Oils

• Suppository

• Pre-rolls

• Capsules

• Flower processing

What do I need to get started?

Learn about our process from brand idea to dispensary shelf.

Discover helpful checklists and guidance.


Packing your product

We take your empty packaging and put your product inside.

About Our Process

Co-Packing is often confused with White Labeling. White labeling means choosing a pre-made, pre-packaged product and simply putting your branding on it. There is little to no customization aside from the exterior label.

Our Co-Packing services allow complete freedom in sourcing and designing your ideal package.

We make sure your packaging is filled, sealed and labeled according to the most recent regulatory requirements.

From stickering to price labeling, we’ve got you covered, literally.

Examples of Finished Packaging

• Bottled Drinks

• Droppers

• Cardboard boxes

• Tin boxes

• Mylar & Exit bags

• Pump bottles

• Medicine bottles

• Glass jars

• Cartridges

• More

Ready to buy packaging?

Talk to us first. We strongly suggest a quick consultation before you make any bulk package purchases. Regulations can change unexpectedly and we value helping brands explore the best solution based on their product type.

Getting Started

Learn about our process from brand idea to dispensary shelf.

Discover helpful checklists and guidance.

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