We bring your cannabis product to life.

We co-created these products. We can create yours, too. 

Start with an idea or a blank package.

And turn it into a finished product.

• Distillate

• Waxes, Crumbles or Shatters

• Tinctures & Liquids

• Beverages

• Topicals

• Oils

• Suppository

• Pre-rolls

• Capsules

• Flower processing

• Bottled Drinks

• Droppers

• Cardboard boxes

• Tin boxes

• Mylar & Exit bags

• Pump bottles

• Medicine bottles

• Glass jars

• Cartridges

• More

Ready to buy packaging?

Talk to us first. We strongly suggest a quick consultation before you make any bulk package purchases. Regulations can change unexpectedly and we value helping brands explore the best solution based on their product type.